We provide services linking people and society through vehicles.

Digital Marketing


We are building the foundations of the system environments needed to provide diverse information wanted by customers.

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Solution Business


Solution Business provide support from all possible directions that allow for safe car-life starting with an emotional purchasing experience.

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Telematics offers a variety of information and services using navigation systems, GPS, and other in-vehicle equipment and communications systems.

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Smart Community


The aim of Smart Community is to connect to networks thatlink vehicles and create mechanisms for the effective use of energy.

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Our Role in Carrying out Service Plans

What can be achieved through the integration of vehicles and IT? Imagining this dream is one of the joys of this job, and my happiness when this actually occurs is beyond my expectations. There can be no doubt that a spirit of taking on new challenges leads to the creation of new services that drive the motorized society as a whole.

Nobutaka Hara,Project General Manager
Development Center 1

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  • June 12, 2017
    Toyota Media Service to Change Name to TOYOTA Connected Corporation

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